The Foundation We Have Built

Since 1985 Project Victory has developed effective methods and practices and laid the groundwork to build a national network of individuals and organizations who are committed to helping catalyze a universal spiritual movement (inter-racial and interfaith) dedicated to a Great Awakening. Based on the beginning vision and efforts initiated by the Project Victory founders - Craig Schindler, Theo Brown, and Gary Lapid - the following outcomes have been realized:

  • Written Materials: Two books; a nationally acclaimed handbook on Inter-Racial Dialogue (used by the President's Commission on Race); several handbooks on conflict resolution; and a manual on the Soul of Leadership. Our first book, The Great Turning, was translated into German, parts into Russian, and used as manual in Australia and the U.S.
  • Innovative Dialogue Methods: Project Victory has been recognized as a pioneer in developing new tools for mediated dialogue, and conflict management.
  • Network Of Skilled Facilitators: Project Victory has helped to inspire, train, and connect hundreds of facilitators across race and creed toward a common effort.
  • Unique Coalition: Project Victory has catalyzed an unprecedented coalition of civil rights and conflict resolution organizations committed to reconciliation.
  • A Personal Leadership Practice: This practice is at the heart of the Great Awakening, and involves spreading an ethic of respect for Self, others across race and creed, and the Earth.