What We Have Accomplished

Since 1985 Project Victory has trained tens of thousands of people in conflict resolution and personal leadership; and organized hundreds of dialogues in more than 40 states on issues concerning the human threats to life (the nuclear issue; peace and security; chemical weapons; environment and economy; violence and human dignity; race relations; the challenges of the absolutist mind). Here are some highlights of our achievements:

Dialogues & Conflict Resolution

  • New Mexico Days Of Dialogue (statewide programs involving Los Alamos nuclear scientists, peace activists, policy makers, and members of Congress, 1986)
  • National Dialogues On Reducing the Risk of Nuclear War (on-going policy dialogues in Washington D.C. and citizen dialogues in many states 1986-1989)
  • Dialogues On Dismantling Chemical Weapons (in eight cities involving the U.S. Army, members of Congress and environmental groups 1989-1992)
  • National Conference on the Prevention Of Violence (2000 leaders from education, business, and government agencies in Washington D.C.)
  • National Summit on Medicare (facilitated several hundred health care activists, physicians and nurses from around the U.S. 1996)
  • National Days of Dialogue on Race Relations (organized programs involving more than 10,000 diverse people in 1500 dialogues in 63 cities throughout U.S. 1998)
  • Congressional Dialogues On Race (working with 50 members of Congress to create ongoing inter-racial dialogues in their congressional districts, 1999-2002), in association with the Institute for Faith & Politics, the National Association for Community Mediators (NAFCM), and the Society for Professionals in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR).

The purpose of the dialogues is for people to hear each other's story, to increase understanding across race and faith groups, and to find specific actions that groups can take together. Our long-term goal is to create Dialogue and Action Groups in as many congressional districts as possible.

Personal Leadership Trainings

  • Leadership Training & Conflict Resolution Program (trained 10,000 leaders in business, education, city and federal government through the Compton Foundation)
  • Keynote addresses and trainings to numerous organizations:
    • National Women's Business Forum
    • National Association Of Humanistic Psychologists
    • Win/Win Business Forum (Denver, CO)
    • California State Psychological Association
    • Oklahoma School Psychologists Association
    • National Convention Of Physicians For Social Responsibility
    • California State Convention of Family Custody Mediators,
    • National Association Of Social Workers
    • University Of Wisconsin Statewide Teacher Training
    • Bureau Of Community Development, City of Portland, OR.
    • Oregon School Psychological Association
    • Mitsubishi Electronics National Sales Convention
  • The Soul Of Leadership. We developed this highly acclaimed course at the National LIT (Leadership Improvement Technologies) Conference, 1995-2003, with participants from 12 government agencies, several educational institutions, and many corporations. We are now promoting this training nationally.
  • U.S. Navy Chaplains - We provided training in "The Human Dimensions of Conflict Management" for all of the U.S Navy and Marine Corps Chaplains worldwide (2002-2003).