The Need For A Great Awakening

It is easy to look at the many national and global problems we face and conclude that we are living in a dark and dangerous time. There is a frightening list of things we see around us that all seem to have the potential to escalate out of control: terrorist attacks like those on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the increasing violence between Israelis and Palestinians, the worldwide threat of weapons of mass destruction, the global environmental deterioration, and the insidious individual and corporate greed that threatens the livelihood of millions of people. The result has been the shattering of our sense of normalcy and security and the increased suffering of millions around the world.

Yet we also recognize the light of the human spirit, which evokes us, ordinary people, to live with courage and compassion in the midst of the fear. With the rise of the darkness, there is an urgent need to strengthen that light. If ever in recent memory there was a time to renew our dedication to being fully awake and to increasing our love and wisdom, it is now. Truly we face both a painful global crisis and an immense spiritual opening that calls us to live at a higher level.

Considering the many threats we face at the beginning of the 21 st century leads one to conclude that Einstein was indeed right when he concluded more than 50 years ago that "the problems we have created cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them." Indeed, these many threats to life on earth cannot be dealt with successfully without a significant increase in the level of understanding and human awareness in our country and around the globe. We human beings (or at least a significant portion of us) must change how we think and act if we are to have any sort of future at all. Our need is for a break-through, a spiritual leap forward, a "great awakening" that begins with individuals and eventually changes society. In many ways, our nation is in a struggle against time. Will enough people realize that our fate is inextricably linked to others around the globe, or will we continue to ignore this reality until it is too late?

As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives." With the recognition that there is a need for a fundamental shift in the ways Americans interact and live on the earth, Craig Schindler, the President of Project Victory has written about the coming of "A Great Awakening" in our lifetime. Below are excerpts from his vision of how this might occur.

The Vision: Creating Lasting Peace In the 21st Century

"Two hundred years from now, in the 23rd Century, historians will look back at our era as the time that turned the corner from a potential for global destruction to hope for global prosperity. Many will refer to the 21 st Century as a time of Great Awakening. They will say that a unifying movement, in which millions of people took responsibility to live with love and respect for each other and all life, was able in the 2lst Century to create the conditions for peace on Earth. They will say this Great Awakening was preceded by a dark time when human actions threatened life on Earth. Many called it a "spiritual revolution" because at its heart was both the individual awakening to the light of the Soul and the dawn of our conscious humanity.

Future historians will note that this universal movement had its roots in earlier movements for spiritual development and human potential, for civil rights and women's rights, for the environment, for social justice and for peace. This movement developed methods for personal healing and inner peace, and for dialogue and conflict resolution so people of different points of view could listen to each other and work together for common goals.

Gradually , that which came to be called the Great Awakening spread throughout the planet. People carried the message with love and respect through circles of trust and influence. From living rooms to churches and temples, to universities and stadiums, there were joyful gatherings of people from all traditions and walks of life pledging their commitment to live with respect for Self, Others across race, creed, gender, and for the Earth. Remarkably, our ancient wisdom teachings became the shared foundation for a space age ethic of respect for all life.

Humankind realized that the journey inward to know the Soul and the Source of creation and the journey outward to create peace on Earth and travel to the stars, were two aspects of the same enlightened consciousness, that the greatest journey was only beginning -- to know the Infinite Creator through our love and exploration of the Universe and to realize our oneness with the Light. Thus we used our advanced technologies consciously with wisdom and compassion, so that humans began to travel our solar system and beyond, not as pillagers but as pilgrims of the Light."

--Craig Schindler, from Living The Great Awakening