Personal Leadership: Being the Change You Want For the World

The essence of personal spiritual leadership is living the transformation needed for our world -- what Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called "satyagraha," or "SoulPower." Gandhi taught: "We must be the change you want for the world." To do this, he said, we must develop our Soulforce or Soulpower, or the power of the truth, which equals love. Dr. King adapted Gandhi's teaching and applied it to the connection between the Biblical message of universal love and compassion (agape) and the need for social change based upon this all-inclusive love and respect. This requires both an inward change in our Souls and an outward transformation in our society.

The Soul of Leadership

The notion of the Soul of Leadership involves recognition that there is another level involved in leadership than the one we usually encounter. While there is certainly a time and place for the organizational, military sense of the external responsibilities and management-style leadership, there is another deep internal level - the very heart and soul of each of us - that is what we refer to as the Soul of Leadership.

It is reframing leadership not simply as authority, or even expert management, but as taking responsibility to make a difference. This is personal leadership--from the inside out. This is the core philosophy for the Soul of Leadership course designed and delivered by Project Victory team members.